About Me

I have always loved working with families and children, so in my teens and young adulthood I was usually nannying, working in daycares, or practicing photography on the families in my life.

I'm married to the coolest guy in the world, and we have a 2 year old, Teddy, who you might see throughout my page! We met and lived in California, adventured to Texas, and then moved to Oregon. Once here, I got a job at Milagros Boutique, (Now Milagros Mobile!) in Portland, which has been a catalyst in my journey through parenthood and becoming a doula with Itsabelly, as well as the biggest launching pad I could have asked for in my photography. For that I am eternally grateful! I try to utilize my doula training and experience in my sessions and interactions with new parents; you should feel comfortable with whoever is handling your newborn!

When I'm not working I can be found spending time with my awesome husband, spunky kiddo, or fluffy rabbit. I also love video games, anything involving water (I've believed I'm a mermaid since I was a kid), and knitting, among other forms of crafting.